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ASG comprises a number of companies active in various business sectors from trading in petroleum products, industrial chemicals, precious metals and agricultural products and offers comprehensive services to the oil and gas fields sector

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Alfa Star Global (ASG) was established over a decade ago in Dubai and comprises two companies, namely Alfa Star Global Oil Field Services LLC (ASG-OFS) and Alfa Star Global Trading DMCC (ASG-TDMCC). ASG has since came a long way in successfully realizing its aspirations in becoming an effective vehicle for key commodity trading and service provision for some strategic business sectors. ASG-OFS covers a key segment of the oil sector’s upstream and downstream value chain as a provider of key oilfield services, while ASG-TDMCC specialized in the trade of bullion Gold and other precious metals. Our vision was that those two sectors would complement each other very well in various business aspects including smoother cash flows and offsetting some of the challenges in some of our markets.

ASG’s companies have seen remarkable success and already created a noticeable footprint in the East and Mid African region. By doing so, Alfa Star Global has now established itself as a prominent player in these sectors and managed to create effective partnerships with a number of regionally and internationally renowned players relevant to the industry.


Alfa Star Global Trading DMCC is incorporated in the world-renowned Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC). The company furnishes its customers with commodities at very competitive rates aided by our accumulated knowledge and experience. Our financial competence adds to the success formulae that makes our supply and solutions fit-for-purpose and rather distinct from the competition. The company trades in Crude Oil, Refined Petroleum Products, Non-manufactured Precious Metals (Gold), Petrochemicals, Solar Energy Systems & Components, in addition to Lubricants & Grease.

Alfa Star Global Oil Fields Services LLC. is our technical arm dedicated to providing a range of conventional and innovative services to oil operating companies in our geographical region of interest which currently include countries in East and Mid Africa. The company’s technical staff and teams are well versed in their areas of expertise which cover enhanced oil production techniques such as polymer gel and chemical nanoparticle injection, cyclic steam injection and individual oil-well stimulation along with the typical conventional problem identification propping research and study techniques. The company also covers oilfield-related material and equipment supply. We enjoy a myriad of renowned international partners with whom we often cooperate to jointly execute projects pertinent to the scope of requirements and size.


Landmark International Co. Ltd., is incorporated and based in Sudan since 2004. This company plays a pivotal role in complementing and integrating the activities of the other sister companies by handling the marketing and distribution of petroleum products in Sudan, supporting engineering services and oilfield project logistics and administration. In addition, Landmark International handles bullion gold exports from Sudan as well as the imports of industrial chemicals. The company also encompasses an experienced pharmaceuticals and FMCG division with a countrywide distribution reach.

Promats Agro Trading LLC. was incorporated and based in Dubai, UAE in 2014. Promats is a specialized trade company in exporting and marketing organic natural crops and products that are chemical-free, high quality with minimum impurities. Over the years, we have established and maintained a network of reputable trade partners in the region as well as overseas. Promats takes extremely seriously its customer satisfaction and as such we consistently keep fresh records of all products’ specifications as well as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for our trade partners.

Promats for Commercial Investment is recently incorporated and based in Cairo, Egypt. The company is focused on investment and trade activities that involves products with high value-adding potential such as Cotton and Yarn.

Promats International is a company registered in Sudan with a network of trade partners in the region of West and Mid Africa. Promats is specializing in producing and marketing natural agricultural products such as Gum Arabic, Sesame, Ground nuts, Watermelon seeds and Cotton. The company also manages the marketing of such products throughout the globe. The production is done throughout supply chain and value chain approaches and practicing fair trade mechanism within the local communities. Promats introduces restricted quality control methods throughout the supply chain include pre-and post-harvest cultural practices and methods.

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