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The Head Office of ASG is on the vibrant Sheikh Zayed Road across from the World Trade Centre. The ASG members Alfa Star Global DMCC and Alfa Star Global Oil Fields Services LLC were launched afterwards in line with our stated vision. The trade arm ASG-TDMCC achieved significant progress towards the realization of the original company vision.

We implemented a model that was proven very successful in integrating and complementing trade activities and requirements between the countries covered in our business focus. Alfa Star Global Oil Fields Services LLC then came in to serve as an integral building block to ASG- Trading DMCC in the long run. Landmark International, based in Sudan, has been active in distribution of petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, Gold Bars and industrial chemical trade.

As of late, the ASG portfolio has been expanded to include trading and production with value-adding activities targeting key agricultural commodities including Cotton, Gum Arabic and Sesame. Such commodities are being handled by our Sister Companies Promats Agro LLC., Dubai – UAE, Promats for Commercial Investment based in Cairo – Egypt and Promats International Co. Ltd. based in Khartoum – Sudan. Our activities are now spread over several countries including the UAE, Sudan, Egypt, South Sudan and Tanzania.

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